Yoga is back on the schedule!

Please sign up online prior to class, no last minute drop ins allowed at this time. If you must cancel a class, you MUST cancel four (4) hours prior to class. If you late cancel, or no-show, a $20 fee will be charged.

All in attendance must hand sanitizer with hand sanitizer or wash their hands in the washroom.

Bringing your own props is encouraged. We do have props available in the studio, please sanitize them with the cleaner available after class. Staff will sanitize again, before being used again.

* open 10 minutes before class, and doors lock promptly when class starts


  • Yoga passes can be purchase directly through Punchpass with your credit card, or e-transfer to
  • Punch cards activate on the day of purchase – 5 class punch pass is valid for 3 months from purchase ; 10 class punch pass is valid for 6 months from purchase; 20 class punch pass is valid for 12 months from purchase)
  • All passes are final sale, are non-refundable, non-transferable

Studio Notes

  • the studio is open fifteen (15) minutes before class, and the door is locked promptly when class starts, do not be late!
  • bring a yoga mat to class, and a water bottle and a towel just in case
  • Dress in layers, that way if you are warm or cool, you can adjust easily.
  • Classes that are heated are warmed with Infra red heat panels. Infra red is a wonderful heat that helps to warm muscles, heal inflammation and improves circulation.
  • Room temperatures: We are currently not having any heated classes due to covid restrictions. Classes are held at room temperature, 72F. If the room is cool, the upper infrared heaters may be used by the instructor for the end of class, this is based on how “cool” the room feels. The floor is not heated so it can get cool in the yoga room, especially during savasana.
  • Scents expand in the studio- please avoid all essential oils, perfumes and strong deodorants. Some people are allergic to scents.
  • Please honour the silence of the studio before and after class

Studio Rules

  • No talking in the studio before or after class
  • No scents- please be mindful that all essential oils, perfumes etc expand in the yoga room. Please refrain from wearing any scents, as others may be allergic or sensitive to smells
  • Arrive 10 minutes early, this allows you to get settled and ready for class and time to wind down before class
  • No cell phones in the studio. Take a break!
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydrate before and after class

Yoga FAQ’s

  • What do I wear to yoga? Wear loose and comfortable clothes, ideally clothes that you can bend and move around in. For warm and not heated classes, dress in layers, and bring a pair of socks in case you get cold during savasana at the end of class
  • What do I bring? Please bring a water bottle, a small towel and a yoga mat
  • Hot yoga? What?!? Yes, we warm the room with infrared heaters, an amazing healing heat that helps to detoxify the body. (Yes, please) But don’t worry, we don’t heat all the classes. Some are hot, some are warm (to warm the air slightly) and some are non heated.
  • I’m late to class? Too bad, we lock the door immediately when class starts.

Class Descriptions

  • Yin/Yang Flow – a flow class, mixed in with deep yin holds

  • Power Flow – a Vinyasa flow, movement with breath, emphasis on strength of the body and mind

  • Yin Yoga – meditative, slow holds, stretching and nourishing the connective tissue (fascia, myo-fascia, tendons, ligaments and bones)

  • Power with Yin – A combo class of power flow and yin yoga, a perfect combo to get some cardio pumping, muscle building, and deep stretching in one class.

  • Gentle Hatha Flow – gentle hatha flow is a gentle class utilizing breath and gentle movements to open up the body. This class is safe for beginners and those with limited movements. All levels are welcome while focus is on breath, stability, and soft movements.

  • Hot Hatha 26 – slower paced than power flow, the depth of poses focus with breath and meditation. Great for all levels, including beginners. This class is a sequence of 26 poses, and does not have weigh bearing on the shoulders, great for anyone with shoulder issues.

  • Tween Girls – this class is yoga for tween girls and focuses on connection, empowerment and mindfulness. Building strength and flexibility through yoga, and gaining tools to calm the mind, and relax.

  • Yoga for Sports Players – this is a great class for athletes. The focus is on dynamic stretching, injury prevention, and mindfulness.

  • Kids Yoga – this is a class for kids, and is based on yoga play to encourage movement, flexibility, agility and strength, as well as mindfulness.

  • Friday FUN Fusion – a combo class, of any and all styles of yoga. All LEVELS. Great for beginners too.

  • Flow Foundations – a beginner flow class. Learn the basics of flow, and build up each week to gain the strength and skills to join a power flow class one day.

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