What’s Telehealth?

Tele-health is the distribution of health related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies (aka ONLINE VIDEO CHAT). It allows long distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring and remote admissions. With the COVID19 pandemic, the value of tele-health have increased drastically. Allowing patients and practitioners to be safe, but still able to maintain close contact with their patients.

Is Tele-health available at NUNOVA WELLNESS?

Yes, tele-health is a service that is available is available at Nunova Wellness. Devonne Nafziger, DTCM, RH, RAc. Is currently offering tele-health services.

I thought Devonne was an Acupuncturist? How can Acupuncture be done online?

Yes, Devonne is a Registered Acupuncturist. As an Acupuncturist, many services beyond Acupuncture are part of her scope of practise. She is also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Registered Herbalist. In an initial tele-health assessment, she will go through a detailed health history, discuss your health needs, and offer advice. This may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, qi gong exercises, yoga, meditation, stretching and strengthening exercises, acupressure, and or herbal medicine. Follow up tele-health sessions are available for patients who have seen Devonne within the last twelve months.

How much do services cost and what do they include?

Tele-health Initial Assessments: this is a sixty (60) minute session and costs $115. This also includes a follow up email to confirm conclusions and recommendations made during the session.

Tele-health follow-up sessions: these are available in sixty (60) minute sessions for $80, or thirty (30) minute sessions for $55.

Is tele-health safe and secure?

Yes, tele-health is safe and secure. Tele-health at Nunova Wellness is provided by Jane (our booking software). Jane is fully PIPEDA and HIPPA approved, following all guidelines and safety procedures required to permit online tele-health services.

Is tele-health covered by extended health benefits?

In response to the COVID19 pandemic many extended health insurers are changing their requirements. I have been in touch with various extended healthcare companies that have approved tele-health acupuncture. We, unfortunately, CAN NOT direct bill for tele-health services. All of these services will need to be paid for. Receipts will be sent and you may submit to your extended health insurance providers on your own.

Please feel free to book your tele-health appointment here. https://nunovawellness.janeapp.com/#staff_member/1

If you have any other questions on tele-health, please email us at info@nunova.flywheelsites.com

Devonne Nafziger, DTCM, RH, RAc.
Devonne Nafziger, DTCM, RH, RAc.

Devonne Nafziger is a Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Herbalist, as well as Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the owner and founder of NUNOVA Wellness; a wellness clinic located in Innisfail, AB. She is also an internationally available consultant providing expertise for private health clinics wanting to improve their management, functionality and profits; health clinics wishing to expand their integrative medicine, as well companies and corporations looking to improve the health and wellness for their offices and or employees.